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    See a littered park?
    Broken traffic lights?
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    • 2a

      Gabi and her
      friends volunteer

      to collect the garbage
    • 2b

      Municipal authorities send technical service
      to fix the lights
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    as soon as the task
    is completed
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Blockchain driven solution

Imagine having an impact on your local environment by resolving the remarks and getting the real benefits out of it.

Thanks to the Blockchain technology, the users might be rewarded with cryptocurriences or tokens for their activites.

Available on your device wherever you are

Use Collectively on the move or at home. Install Collectively mobile app or use it in your browser.

Index platforms devices

Developed by an Open Source community

Collectively is an open source platform initiated and initially developed by Noordwind.

Not only that is open for anybody to use it free of charge and extend its functionalities, for the counties it prevents the risk of us as a supplier leaving. It is safe for the future and driven by the world-wide developer community.

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