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let's go for the better, Collectively​​
... an open platform to enhance communication between counties and its residents​
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Things break here and then, and a quick resolution requires a quick feedback on defect.

be it a defect in the road, a broken bus stop, playground equipment or a public water fountain


Often issues appear in the environment, which disturb or impede life in the county.

be it a littered park or area, a street which is often stuck by too much traffic, a polluted stream of water or missing parking spot


There is a huge potential of knowledge within the county. Knowledge of individuals which could serve the county and community to improve.

like adding a public garbage can, promote a speed limit at a street often crossed by children, adding a flower bed around trees or promoting a new smart city technology to do better


There should not only be discussion on problems, but also positive things should be promoted.

praise some nice park arrangement, a well-done infrastructure improvement, a fine public building architecture or well working citizen center
Involve Collectively
Lisa comes across a littered public park while biking to work
She quickly adds an issue remark to Collectively...
... , shortly describes the problem and takes a photo via the app
Gabi and others see the issue and decide to take action
Tata! Issue resolved by community!
Participate on the go or from home
Collectively is designed to let you participate wherever you are. Pull out whatever device and start improving your commune.
The power of Open Source
Collectively is an open source platform initiated and initially developed by Noordwind .

Not only that is open for anybody to use it free of charge and extend its functionalities, for the counties it prevents the risk of us as a supplier leaving. It is safe for the future and driven by the world-wide developer community.
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